Restaurant and fine food fanatic with a passion for creating great places to eat and drink


With more than 20 years’ experience and a staggering 30+ restaurants and bars to his career – iconic venues through to neighborhood restaurants, reaching all corners of the globe from London to Dubai – Adrian has an unrivaled wealth of experience in hospitality.

Endeavouring to always push the standards of the restaurant and bar scene, Adrian offers a hands-on consultancy service with his stellar team to enable you to tap into his history and experience and ensure you deliver the very best results for your venue – whether it be a brand-new venture or a revamp of a long-standing business.

Adrian Cristian Consultancy services cover every aspect of the hospitality industry starting with concept and brand development, interior design, menu development, marketing and social media and staff training through to margin and cost support and growth and efficiency strategies.


Using his wealth of experience Adrian offers a hands-on consultancy service with his team of experts to ensure you deliver the very best results for your venue – whether it be a brand-new venture or a revamp of a long-standing business.


With a reputation that precedes him, Adrian and his team of industry experts have been lucky enough to work with some fantastic clients and oversee the launch and development of a great number of acclaimed restaurant and hotel groups, creating something both original and profitable. For more information on past and present projects, or to enquire as to what Adrian Cristian Consultancy can do for you, please contact us today.


Menus are a vital tool for the profitability of any hospitality operation. Not only does the menu have to talk to the guest, but the selling prices have to be realistic and carefully calculated. Menus must be the right size, be visually attractive, have a balance throughout, contain well thought out choices and most importantly of all produce the required level of gross profit for the business. 


  • Deliver a menu based on the demands of the business
  • Deliver the design of a menu that is easy for the guest to follow
  • Design a menu taking into consideration the skills of the team
  • Ensure that the operation’s suppliers are used most effectively
  • Analyse the cost of every dish on the menu

üDeliver a plan to efficiently implement a menu with the least amount of disruption and cost

„Adrian Cristian has a wide experience and many industry contacts. He is thoughtful, energetic and diplomatic. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him without reservation to any new restaurant undertaking” - Booby Bosca – Riverbank Shrewsbury, UK


Allow us to join you on the journey to bring your concept to life.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry, Adrian Cristian Consultancy are perfectly positioned to be a very strong, dynamic and hands on addition to your team.  


  • Concept design & realisation
  • Brand refinement
  • Financial projection creation
  • Business plan creation
  • Project management during the build phase
  • Assistance in all elements of set up and opening

"The “can-do” attitude, professionalism and energy for the business is like a breath of fresh air that makes working with the team at HRC so very enjoyable." – Oscar Santalla – Ask Restaurants Group UK




On every occasion there is nothing better than having a fresh set of eyes look over a business. The margins that are worked to in the hospitality industry are so tight that every single euro and every single cent can make a difference.

With a common sense approach and an understanding about how hard it is to run a business, Adrian Cristian Consultancy will gently explore the personality of the operation and present strategies to improve the operation in many areas. 


  • Menu review
  • Cost analysis
  • Staff cost review
  • General financial performance
  • Operational review for efficiencies
  • Marketing and promotional review

"Having worked closely with Adrian over the past 12 years, I have no hesitation in recommending Adrian Cristian Consultancy to any business in need of assistance or ideas. He certainly has the attributes to achieve success in any catering operation. His key qualities are fairness, reliability and, of course, experience in all areas of the restaurant business" – Stuart Brown – Harvey’s Restaurant



A poorly designed bar & kitchen can cause serious issues for any hospitality operation. Revenue can be lost from poor efficiencies, health and safety issues can arise and most importantly of all the guest experience can be seriously tarnished by not being able to deliver food and drinks on time and in perfect conditions. 


  • Understand the menus and the budget
  • Deliver draft plans of the proposed bar and kitchen
  • Ensure the flow of the bar and kitchen is optimised for the safe production of food and drinks as well as guaranteeing the team have a safe environment in which to work
  • Recommend the right equipment to deliver the menus and the volume of business
  • Manage the tender process
  • Oversee fit out



Creating a concept for an operation and bringing it to life is only a small part of opening a new business in the hospitality sector. The hardest and most daunting part to many, is the ongoing management of operations when the business has a full complement of staff and revenue has to be made to cover costs. As our client you can tap into the immense knowledge base we have to solve problems and drive the business. HRC have a number of ways to assist in operational management:

Ad hoc assistance - very much like a personal trainer we can offer advice and assistance on an as and when basis.

Project elements completed - certain areas of the operation may need special focus. Our team would work on developing and assisting certain parts of the business.

Full management function - HRC will manage the operation on a day-to-day basis looking after all elements of the business.



No hospitality operation should be without a cohesive sales and marketing plan that details every element of how the business and its services are to be promoted. Our experienced and professional team have a proven track record in promoting a wide cross-section of operations.


  • Ensure the operation delivers the expected level of service and hospitality before the marketing plan is put in place
  • Understand the goals and targets for the business
  • Sales & marketing strategy will be devised across all media
  • The sales & marketing plan is put into action
  • The sales & marketing plan is reviewed



It is rare for a business to open without first having a well thought out business plan and a set of meaningful financial projections.

The Business Plan

All business plans are created on a bespoke basis for the business in question. Business plans will include an executive summary, introduction to the company, demographics, location analysis, industry overview and trends, competition analysis, customer profiling, business growth strategy, introduction to the team members, openings strategy, introduction to the financials, and swot analysis for the business.

Financial Projections

Our bespoke financial projections can accommodate Single or multi site operations with staged rollouts. The projections cover capital expenditure, working capital and opening expenses, monthly and yearly trading expenses, predicted cover analysis, along with estimations of average spends, food and beverage splits, salaries and mock rotas are created all culminating to deliver a profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow forecast for five years of trading.

The financial projections can be fully modified to act a very comprehensive business tool.

Staff and Service Training

The hospitality industry is nothing without people. Customers are vital but having a bright, knowledgeable and well trained workforce will ensure the longevity of the business and guarantee that customers become regulars.

At Adrian Cristian Consultancy we take training very seriously. We specialise in every element of training for all levels of employees within an organisation, including:

  • Owners and directors
  • General managers and restaurant managers
  • Senior chefs and kitchen brigades
  • Waiters and waitresses
  • Bar teams

We specialise in every element of training for all levels of employees within an organisation, including:

Training modules are tailor made for all our clients so that the individual personality of the business can be conveyed to the team.