Adrian was born in Transilvania and since childhood he is cradled in the philosophy of tourism and hospitality typical of that region, a bit eccentric and reserved, like its inhabitants. However the origins are a little thing, the important thing is to never stop questioning. Curiosity exists for its own reasons.

He graduated the Mechanical Engineer University but soon realised that this wasn't the job he wanted to do. He moved in the UK and developed his hospitality career. He worked hard on the British bar scene to achieve his experience, done several trainings - Bols Academy, Campari Academy, The Rum Expert Trainning, Illy Coffee Academy and these are to name just a few – traveled around the world to have a better understanding of mixology and bar culture.

He than decided to graduate the Wine Spirit and Education Trust in London and the Business and Accounting University to have a better understanding of what goes behind the scenes.

He finally moved in Italy and here started by doing Liquid Cuisine with Fillippo Sisti, getting inspired by Carlo Cracco and Rene Redzepi.

The 360-degree knowledge of the bar, with all the implications it has brought, has led him to have complete training. But it was about knowing the characters in the world of hospitality, first in UK and then around the major tourist sites and the world, which allowed him to apply and sharpen his knowledge.

Above all, the passion, which today conveys to young people, presupposes a professional future..